It’s an interesting predicament.

If we can take our personal beliefs and emotions about money and set them aside for a moment, we’ll see that it’s really no more than a means of exchange.

If you have something — a product, a service, whatever — that will solve one of my problems or add a little joy to my life, the best way to make the transaction is for me to fork over some dough in exchange for what you’ve got. Done deal. Sold!

A wise man once revealed the secret to financial abundance. He said, if you want to earn more income you have to find someone to serve and something to sell.

And that’s where we get stuck.

The sell.

Because selling is sleazy. Manipulative. Slimy. Pushy.

We can talk up our “amazing” products and services all day, but our negative perception of selling makes us fearful of actually asking for the sale.

And when we work up the courage to ask, we grossly undercharge in order to not come off as greedy. To reduce the odds of hearing the word no.

By the way, this message isn’t just for my entrepreneurial readers. If you work for someone, consider how much higher your salary could be if you did a better job of selling yourself — your skills, talents, energy, and value to the company.

The truth is, we’re all in sales.

For most of us, the key to becoming financially-free is changing the way we look at sales.

But how?

Today on the podcast, Lisa Nichols will help you reframe your perception of sales, showing you that selling with dignity is a choice that is ALWAYS available to you.

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