We all have needs.

Basic human needs that make us feel safe and secure.

Any threat to their fulfillment — whether real or imagined — sends us into a tailspin of worry, fear, and oftentimes self-sabotage.

I mean, when you consider Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the first three levels are physiological (food on the table, roof over your head), safety/security (financial security included), and love/belonging.

What’s interesting about this is that the pursuit of financial abundance threatens each level.

Consciously or subconsciously, we worry that we’ll fail and be incapable of feeding our families and paying rent.

The thought of surrendering the security of a steady paycheck to pursue something far less certain fills us with angst.

And then there is the one question that holds almost all of us back …

What will they think of me?

When I teach my Money Mind Academy course, those 6 words are by far the greatest challenge my students face.

What will Mom and Dad think? 

Will my siblings judge me?

Will my friends disapprove?

Will they stop loving me?

The need to belong — to not get kicked out of the tribe — is almost always at the root of why we forfeit our dreams. To gain approval and avoid criticism.

The pursuit and eventual achievement of financial abundance is more about self-esteem than anything else. Its about having the courage to be disliked and recognizing that the only love is unconditional love. If a consequence of your personal growth is the loss of someone’s love, it wasn’t really love in the first place.

On today’s Finance Friday episode of the podcast, Bob Proctor is back to pose another important question: “Will you worship the god of opinion, or the god of your heart?”

You can find today’s full clip here.

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