It didn’t make sense the first 10 times I heard it.

You know, this whole “self-acceptance” thing.

I mean, what’s the point of accepting parts of myself that I don’t even like? It’s the very fact that I don’t like them that motivates me to change them. Duh!

Funny thing is, trying to change yourself while at the same time waging a internal war on all the things you despise about yourself never works.

One of the first steps of transformation is refusing to be in an adversarial relationship with yourself.

Transformation requires energy. And when your energy is directed toward a long list of self-declared flaws and imperfections, you lock yourself into a low vibration that keeps you stuck exactly where you are.

Where your attention goes, energy flows. When you swing the spotlight of your attention to the things you like about yourself while accepting that the things you’d prefer to change simply are what they are, you free up the energy required for becoming a better version of you.

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