Five minutes a day.

Everybody has time for that, right?

When you commit to spending 5 minutes a day with your eyes closed and your mind immersed in the vision you have for your life, opportunities have a way of revealing themselves. The right people show up. The next steps unfold.

As you learned in last Wednesday’s episode with Mary Morrissey, the subconscious mind works in pictures. It doesn’t know the difference between a real experience and one that’s been imagined.

So when you spend those 5 minutes each day living inside of your picture, you feed your subconscious the destination.

With each “visioneering” session, you create new wiring in your brain.

And slowly but surely you become a different person with different habits with different results. The results you envisioned for yourself.

The secret is in holding the vision and then feeling as if it has already been achieved. Being there now. Being grateful in advance.

If your mental picture is fuzzy at first, you’re still doing it right. Like a old Polaroid, our images need time to develop. Stay committed.

On today’s Motivation Monday episode of The Quote of The Day Show, Eric Thomas is back to reveal how living inside of his vision, for 5 minutes a day, changed his life.

Source: Eric Thomas Keynote at Affiliate Summit West 2012

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