This can change your life.

And it’s so simple.

Yet it’s a concept that has a way of triggering our scarcity thinking. We assume that we don’t have “enough” to do it.

So we cling to what we have. Both hands clutched. Eliminating the possibility of ever experiencing the abundant life.

The clutched fist cannot give. Nor can it receive. It obstructs the flow.

We freeze ourselves out from the law of laws:

The Law of Giving and Receiving.

Have you ever noticed that many of the terms we associate with money have to do with water?

Cash flow. Currency. Circulation. Liquidity. Frozen assets. Making it rain.

There’s a reason for that.

Because money is supposed to flow. Like the tide, it goes out and comes back in.

No one ever worries whether the tide will come in or not. It’s expected. We know it’s coming. Without question.

That’s how abundant people think about money.

If you only have a dollar to your name, you’d be shocked by what happens when you give away a dime or two. And t
he day you decide to do this will be the day you become wealthy.

Today of The Quote of the Day Show, Tony Robbins shares his own personal story about the day he let go of his scarcity mindset and chose to participate in the flow.

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