This ever happen to you?

You’re on the road … trying to get somewhere … and you get stuck behind a driver who doesn’t seem to know where he’s going.

He drives just a bit slower than average. Taps his brake a little more than usual.

You couldn’t say that there’s anything necessarily “bad” about his driving. But there’s a hesitancy about it. A palpable uncertainty that you can feel, even three car-lengths back.

I bring this up because there are many people who live their entire lives this way.

Unsure of where they’re going. Moving through life with one foot on the brake.

Or with a destination in mind, but no plans for getting there.

A life without goals is lifeless. It’s unplugged from its power source, leaving one with a sense of disconnection. Disconnected from purpose. From intention. From one’s true self.

It is by the setting of goals that we become reconnected to what drives us. With goals, we move not with hesitancy, but with a palpable conviction. With a confidence that radiates from the heart and penetrates the hearts of others.

When we know where we’re going, everything changes. Because we change.

Today on The Quote of The Day Show, the great Jim Rohn is back to give you a simple formula for goal-setting. You HAVE TO hear this.

Source: Importance of setting Goals.Jim Rohn

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