Ever seen an unruly dog out on a walk?

Completely out of control. Barking at everything that moves. Defying commands. Pushing its leash to the max. Wholly disobedient.

Kinda makes me cringe a bit. The thought that usually runs through my mind is this: You’re not walking that dog, that dog is walking YOU!

I bring this up because some of us tend to have a similar relationship with money.

We allow money to master us, rather than the other way around. Instead of it being our useful servant, we find ourselves in servitude to it.

And if we don’t have any money, we’ve seen so many people on the wrong end of the money leash, that we assume that we have no choice in the matter.

There’s always a choice. We can choose to possess money, or we can let money possess us. Master it or be mastered by it. Earn it by doing good and use it for good. Or not.

That’s your call.

Today on The Quote of The Day Show, Reverend Ike encourages you to make money your obedient servant. To be the boss of money.

Learn more about Reverend Ike at revike.org. You can find today’s full clip here.

Source: Rev. Ike: “Make MONEY Your Obedient Servant” (Law of Attraction)

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