The whole game has changed.

In the blink of an eye the economy has gone from time-sheet-punching physical labor to 15-year-olds making multiple six-figures on YouTube.

Most of us learned very early in life that earning a good living is what happens when we work hard and put in the long hours. Which makes it difficult to see ourselves doing anything but trading our time for dollars.

We’ve been programmed. The prospects of achieving financial abundance while enjoying time freedom violates the self-image, cutting ourselves off from the myriad of time-freeing and income-generating options that exist in today’s internet-driven “how-to” economy.

One of my favorite words is and. You can earn a prosperous living doing what you love and have time to love your life. It’s possible, but only if you can see yourself being, doing, and having both.

Today on The Quote of The Day Show, Mr. Bob Proctor discusses how changing your relationship with money and increasing your income is the foundation of the time freedom you’ve been looking for, and how changing your self-image is the key to taking action on it.

Source: The Science of Getting Rich Seminar

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