This week I have the pleasure of writing you from the beautiful island paradise of Maui.

If you’ve been a long-time subscriber, you may recall my story of winning a trip to Maui in a raffle … for the second year in a row … and with my lucky number 23.

Crazy, huh?

There’s another part of the Maui story that I haven’t shared much. Maybe because it sounds a little too “woo-woo” for mass consumption.

When I won this trip the first time, I had been reading and listening to a lot of books and audio programs by Dr. Wayne Dyer.

Dr. Dyer was certainly one of the most prolific creators in the field of spirituality and personal development, with over 40 books and dozens of audio and video programs.

One of the things that intrigued me the most about Dr. Dyer was that he would come to Maui to write many of his books. I would imagine myself doing the same one day, flying to the middle of the Pacific once a year for a couple months of full creative immersion.

When I won my first Maui trip, a part of me wondered if Dr. Dyer’s spirit (he passed away on Maui in 2015) was dropping a hint on me. But apparently I’m not so good at taking hints, because I skipped last year’s trip and sent my Mom and aunt in my place. They had a blast.

So when I won the Maui raffle again last October … with my favorite number … and, as the event’s auctioneer, announcing myself as the winner after the number 23 was drawn from a huge bowl of tickets … I got the hint.

When we ignore the whispers of The Universe it has a propensity to scream and shout.

Here I am. On Maui. Finally. With nothing but ocean outside of my window. Gazing at the same views and hearing the same sounds that inspired some of Dr. Dyer’s best work in his lifelong journey to help you and me find our greatness.

I’d been saving Dr. Dyer’s autobiography, I Can See Clearly Now, for this trip. So far, I’ve read 30 of the 58 chapters, each revealing a story from his 75 years of life. 

Almost all of the stories he shares involve some form of pain — not knowing his father, firsthand experiences of racism, the heartbreaking assassination of JFK — and the wisdom he gained from each experience. 

Instead of succumbing to the pains of life, he used it to make the world a better place. To inspire you and me. To show us what’s possible when we change the way we look at things.

Mahalo, Dr. Dyer. For the wisdom. And for the trip to this magical place. Sorry you had to scream and shout a bit. My bad. I can be a little hardheaded. 🙂

On today’s episode of The Quote of The Day Show, Eric Thomas keeps this topic going, revealing how you can use your pain to push you to greatness. Enjoy.

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