Ask, and ye shall receive.

We’ve all heard that one before.

But how often do we consider its validity as it applies to our lives?

If asking is at the heart of receiving, then what have we been asking for?

What’s the request you’ve been submitting to the universe?

Is it a just-getting-by kind of ask?

A pay-the-monthly-minimums ask?

Or is your ask an abundant one?

I’m not the most Biblical person in the world, but I’m certain that no upper limit was ever placed on the ask.

It doesn’t say “Ask … but only for so much … and ye shall receive.”

It says Ask. Believe. Receive.

No limits.

Today on The Quote of The Day Show, our pal Steve Harvey urges you to “up your ask.” It’s by far my favorite episode of the week. Enjoy!

Source: Take the Limits Off of God – Steve Harvey Motivational & Inspirational Video

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