My buddy Dave always says …

“There are no magic words.”

Sometimes we can find ourselves looking for those magical words that’ll take the fear away. As if they’ll somehow flip our emotional switches from dread to courage.

We can wait our entire lives for those words. But they never come.

That’s because the cure for fear is not a well timed catchphrase. 

It’s confrontation.

Confrontation is the antidote for fear. When we’re willing to confront the things we fear, the emotion has a way of dissolving.

Walking right up to our fears is how we open the doors to life’s opportunities. It’s the master key to possibilities and realized potentials.

No, it’s not easy. But life is about choices. We can choose to wait for the magic words that never come, or we can choose to unlock the doors.

We can choose to be brave.

Today on The Quote of The Day Show, the great Brian Tracy reveals how you can demonstrate more courage, break the habit of fear, and continue to move forward even if you’re afraid.

Source: Brian Tracy 10 Keys to Personal Power

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