I’m not smart enough.

Not attractive enough. Creative enough. Talented enough. Good enough.

Besides, there’s already enough people doing what I want to do …

… It’s saturated.

These are the things we say to ourselves. The internal trash-talk that keeps us from ever getting started. The voice of an ego mind hell-bent on maintaining the way things are.

So with every desire for something more, better, or different comes a convincing counterargument for why we can’t be, do, or have it.

But the question isn’t whether or not you’re enough. (Because you are.) The real question is, are you willing?

Are you willing to consciously override the negative chatter, claim your enough-ness, and nab the next inch? 

(If you don’t get the inch reference, check out yesterday’s post.)

Are you willing to hold the vision and do the work

Are you willing to push your bedtime back an hour to develop your craft?

Are you willing to be disliked, criticized, and humiliated by those who refuse to get up from their cozy bleacher seats and get in the game?

Are you willing to say ENOUGH to the idea that you’re not enough?

Today on The Quote of The Day Show, my main man Jake Ducey reveals why most people’s problem isn’t that they’re not smart enough; it’s that they aren’t willing. Truth bomb alert!



Source: The Genius Within LIVE Seminar

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