This one came at just the right time.

You know, when you’re going through something and you just happen upon those magic words you needed to hear.

Usually, the magic words are something we already know. But we’ve become so hypnotized by our negative feelings within that we need a reminder from without.

This year I set a ginormous goal. Like reeeeeally big. 

And I’ll tell you what, I’ve had more obstacles and challenges land on my path in two months than I’d encountered over the previous two years.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the circle-twerk of negative thoughts causing negative feelings causing negative thoughts. Until something or someone comes along to remind you that what you’re going through is required. That failure is the price of ambition. A pretext for growth.

Or as Robin Sharma says on today’s QOD episode, we don’t grow when things are easy.

If life has been throwing you its best curveballs lately, I HIGHLY recommend you hear this one. (You can find today’s full clip here.)



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