It’s official.

I am no longer the host of The Quote of The Day Show.

Well … for the next five episodes I’m on the bench.

This week I’m handing off the podcast to my right hand man, Malik Josephs.

About a year ago, Malik reached out via email and asked if he could help out with the show. Being the “I’ll do it all myself” kind of guy I am, I declined.

Nope, I’m good. But thanks, man.

Turns out, the very next week I announced that I had to take a week off from the show to get ready for a Mastermind Sessions event. As in no new episode for a whole week.

Once again, Malik showed up in my email inbox. I can’t find the email, but it went something like this …

“Are you sure you don’t need help with the show? Because I heard you say that you’re taking a week off to get ready for an event. And it would be a shame for your listeners to not have that daily dose of inspiration for a week.”

This guy …

So I asked him to send over a few sample clips that he thought would be good for the show.

A couple days later, he sent them over.

You’re hired!

Since then, Malik — a husband and brand new father —  has made life so much easier, as he works behind-the-scenes to make your day brighter.

I get quite a bit of email. Hey, we all do. But what made Malik’s emails stand out?

He led with how he could help.

Instead of leading with what he could GET, he stepped forward from a place of GIVING. And instead of taking my initial response as my final answer, he followed up. 

Last week, while sprinting on the treadmill and feeling like I was gonna die, something told me that it was time to bring Malik out from behind the curtain and put him in front of the mic.

So today thru Friday, he’s taking over the show. And he’s kicking off the week with one of your favorite speakers, Inky Johnson.

Honestly, I never listen my own show. Kinda awkward, ya know. But this morning I turned it on to hear how he did. Crushed it. Just like I knew he would. So proud of my guy!

For more from Inky, visit You can find today’s full clip here.

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