When you really think about it …

Everything is thought.

The very same thing can happen to two different people and their widely differing reactions or responses are rooted in none other than thought.

The filter through which we view the world. Thought.

How we resolve, avoid, or catastrophize our problems. Thought.

The way we see our families, friends, co-workers, kids, and spouses. Thought.

How you’re perceiving this email. Thought.

It’s just thought.

The question is: If our entire life experience is rooted in thought, then how well are we using thought?

Today on The Quote of The Day Show, Dr. Wayne Dyer returns to encourage us to become more mindful of how we use thought. Because when we change our thoughts, we change our entire lives.

Today’s clip comes from Dr. Wayne Dyer’s audio program, Transformation, available on nightingale.com and audible.com.

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