Thursday night TV.

Grey’s Anatomy. Scandal. And of course my absolute fave, How to Get Away with Murder. (So good!)

As much as I’ve enjoyed these shows over the years, there’s this one thing I’d always wondered about …

How in the world does Shonda Rhimes write and produce all of this content?!

I mean, this TV season alone she’s responsible for 70 hours of programming.

SEVENTY HOURS. Sheesh. And I thought writing 3 posts a week was a lot.

But here’s the thing …

She has 3 daughters at home.

And she’s a single mom.

Wait, wait … waaaaait. How does THIS work?

Does Shonda somehow get more hours in a day than the rest of us? Or is she living the dream at work but going home to a nightmare?

What’s really going on in Shondaland?

What happens when the most famous television writer on planet earth arrives home exhausted from a long day of juggling multiple scripts and shows?

When her daughters ask her to play, what does she say?

I’m too tired tonight? Maybe tomorrow? Sorry?


On today’s episode of The Quote of The Day Show, Shonda answers all of these questions and more. All of the things I wonder about every single time that Shondaland logo — the one with the big red heart set inside of a roller coaster — flashes on my screen. And she reveals how saying YES to her kids saved her career.

Tap the PLAY button above to listen in. It’s pretty amazing.

Pick up Shonda’s book, Year of Yes on Amazon or at your local bookstore.

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