“Paul and Sean, you’ve got to pay yourself first!”

I can still hear Uncle Robert imploring my brother and I to manage our money, even before we had any money to manage.

Of course none of it made sense to us young Croxton boys at the time. We just figured Uncle Robert knew what he was talking about.

He and my Aunt Dorothy were the only African-American people we knew who had a swimming pool and diving board in their backyard. Beautiful home in San Diego. Never heard them once complain about work.

Pay yourself first. Noted.

Looking back, our uncle was teaching my big bro and I the first law of personal finance. Save your money.

Imagine how you’d feel if you put away a percentage — say, 3-10 percent — of your monthly income?

Before anyone else gets a dollar from you, YOU get paid. For your financial freedom, yes. But even more so for your emotional freedom.

If you want to be a more confident, relaxed person, an automatic savings program will work wonders for you. It’ll damn near slow down the aging process.

I’m serious.

More importantly, it’ll raise your vibration, opening yourself up to ideas and inspirations that lead to more giving and more receiving. 

Or as Dr. John Demartini says on today’s Finance Friday episode of The Quote of The Day Show, “when you manage money wisely, you get more money to manage.”

Word. Just like my uncle said. The first law.

It works.

Happy Finance Friday,


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