I’m sorry.

Two words that so many of us are still waiting for.

Because there’s someone out there who owes us an apology for what they said, did, didn’t say, or didn’t do.

And if we don’t hear those two words, we keep ourselves stuck. Waiting. Blaming.

Because things are the way they are because of her or him or them. They’re why we’re in this situation, and their heartfelt apologies are the only way we’re getting out of it.

Too often we choose to keep ourselves down until someone else can lift him or herself up enough to acknowledge a wrongdoing and ask for our forgiveness. But that’s a lot of power to give away. In fact, that’s victimhood.

Let me tell you something about most humans. They don’t like admitting when they’re wrong. So if you’re waiting for that apology, I wouldn’t hold my breath. Chances are, you’re never gonna get it.

The only option left is to forgive.

Today on The Quote of The Day Show, Dr. Eric Thomas reminds us that if we want to be successful we MUST give up our victimhood by forgiving others and freeing ourselves. The only one who can free you is you.

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