I couldn’t do it.

Not one more episode. Not another health summit. I was done.

I like how Lisa Nichols puts this. She says that passions have seasons, and all seasons eventually come to an end.

Though I continue to practice holistic health principles, my passion for interviewing health experts just isn’t there anymore. That season is ova.

My last few months of hosting Underground Wellness Radio were … well, interesting. The tone of my newsletters had changed for the worse. I kinda snapped at a webinar guest in front of a live online audience.

I wanted out. And it was apparent AF.

Honestly, walking away from my former business should have been scarier than it really was. But I think I’d coached enough people to know that getting up every morning to do something I really didn’t want to do was a sure path to misery and poor health.

What most people don’t know is that the year before I closed down UW, the business did $2.3 million dollars in revenue. I was killin’ it.

With the email subscribers, podcast listenership, and relationships I had built in the health and wellness space, it was a guaranteed 7-figure a year business. After taxes.

The people who were aware of my financials thought I was out of my mind to walk away from it and create something new.

In my opinion, what would be “out of my mind” is continuing to do something I dreaded just to make money.

It’s been almost two years since I followed my heart into this land of self-help and personal development. Last week someone asked me if I’m still glad I made the transition. My answer was something like F*CK YEAH. (Yeah, I’m pretty sure that was it.)

If I had stayed in it for the income, I’d be rich in money but poor in fulfillment. I’d be miserable. Angry. Living with a persistent feeling of conflict and anxiety. In fact, I would have probably found some way to sabotage the whole thing by now.

Will I make a million bucks this year? Probably not. But having the opportunity to inspire and motivate people six days a week is worth more than the difference in pay. A little less money. A lot more fulfillment. The money will come. I’m not worried about that.

And you’re right, I had a huge financial safety net when I followed my heart.

Leaving a job is much easier when you have a few years of living expenses in the bank, I know. But another pearl of Lisa Nichols wisdom is to “make your job your investor.” In other words, start planning your exit by socking away a percentage of your monthly income. Time flies, right? Before you know it, you’ll be ready to make your move.

Today on The Quote of The Day Show, Howard Martin of Heartmath shares his own personal story about what it really means to follow your heart, and how important it is to listen to your intuition to create a life that truly feels good.

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