How’d it go this morning?

Did you leap out of bed at the first sound of your alarm, just itching to crush the day and rock this week?

Or was it a multiple snooze button morning, where putting off this day for just … five … more … minutes sounded like the best idea ever?

If there’s one thing we’re all REALLY good at, it’s talking ourselves out of stuff — getting out of bed, having the tough conversation, starting the project, talking to the hot guy or gal.

These things take courage.

Seriously, it takes courage to deliberately step out into the unknown everyday. Because wherever we have uncertainty and unknowns, the dissenting wail of the negative chatterbox within grows louder than the whisper of our inner wisdom.

With each passing moment, the fear intensifies. Perceived risk exceeds reward. Analysis begets paralysis. We’ll do it tomorrow. We press snooze on our lives.

But what if told you that there was a way to completely eliminate the snooze button from your life and just do it … in 5 seconds or less?

I know, it sounds totally ridiculous. But author and speaker Mel Robbins has started a global movement of men and women taking courageous action by applying her 5-Second Rule. Tap the PLAY button above to find out how it works!

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