Eighty-eight years.

That’s how long it’d been since the British rowing team had won Olympic gold.

So in the year 2000 the team made a commitment to end the near century-long drought. They decided to filter all of their decisions through a single question:

Will it make the boat go faster?

If the answer was no, they didn’t do it.

If yes, they did.

Needless to say, they won the gold.

Imagine what could happen if you applied this simple filter to your decisions.

Binge the new season? … (But will it get me closer to my goal?)

Return these non-urgent emails? … (But will it get me closer to my goal?)

Scroll TikTok for a bit? … (But will it get me closer to my goal?)

In no way am I suggesting that you eliminate all recreation, down time, and doom scrolling from your life.

However, what I am advocating for is taking a more active approach to reducing distractions so you can stay focused on your main objective.

Will it make your boat go faster?

On today’s QOD Show episode, Tom Wood kicks off the week with an inspiring story about a woman who refused to allow distractions to get in the way of her objective.

Source: Day 29 – The Power of Focus with Tom Wood

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