We’re all addicts.

Well, most of us are. Hooked on the most addictive drug of them all. Darn near since we came out of the womb.

No, we don’t rob or steal to feed our addiction. Rather, we traffic our true selves — our uniqueness and authenticity — for another hit off the pipe.

This particular drug can be both an upper and a downer. When you get your hands on it, you’re high as a kite. But when it’s inevitably snatched away, you drop to your knees and scavenge for your next fix.

You know, a lab rat will press a lever non-stop to get a hit of cocaine until it literally dies. We humans aren’t all that different.

We’ll think what everyone else wants us to think, just for a hit.

We’ll keep our mouths shut, just for a hit.

We’ll vote against our own interests, just for a hit.

Such dope fiends we are.

We’ll please everyone but ourselves, just to keep our drug dealers happy.

Because if we let our dealers down, if we stop clicking the lever, perhaps we’ll face the very sober reality that we’ve never truly been ourselves. 

Like, ever.

And worst of all, we might realize how our addiction robbed us of our ability to love.

I know, this is kinda deep. I should probably leave the rest to today’s QOD Show speaker, Anthony de Mello, who reveals what this drug is and how to get off it.

This is by far my favorite talk of the year. Put it on repeat. Share it with a friend. Take it to heart. Say no to the drug.

Source: WAKE UP! – Anthony de Mello