There’s this guy…

His name is Dan Peña. Believe it or not, young men spend 5-figures and fly halfway across the world to spend a few days with him.

At his castle.

To have their asses handed to them.

I’ve been itching to have one of Dan’s talks on the podcast, but the guy swears like a sailor.

F-words. C-words. P-words. W-words.

I’d probably get canceled.

Funny thing is, people keep showing up. Dan’s YouTube videos keep piling up millions of views.

Even funnier, he can rattle off a long list of students who’ve gone from spineless snowflakes to 7-figure business owners.

Because Dan tells it like it is. He doesn’t do “participation trophy” personal development where everyone gets to walk away feeling all good about themselves.

If you hadn’t noticed, developing yourself as a person DOES NOT feel good. It’s actually a rather unpleasant process. It’s emotionally painful … awkward … vulnerable. Lonely.

If it doesn’t make you uncomfortable AF, you’re not doing it right.

If anyone gave you the impression that your transformation was gonna be warm and fuzzy, walk away from them. Click the unfollow button. Now.

And that’s why Dan’s students fly across the world to step inside of his lair and willingly perch themselves on the receiving end of his mercilessly brutal rants.

It’s also why, as we speak, young college football players are transferring to the University of Colorado to play for Coach Deion Sanders.

Because they know something’s off. Intuitively they know that they’re missing the obligatory mental tools required to succeed in life.

Tools their parents and society at-large didn’t give them: no-nonsense counsel, a sense of direction, mental toughness, and self-discipline.

And it’s not just young men who crave this flavor of guidance. Deep down, I think we all want a taste. We want someone to give it to us straight. To give us a swift kick in the ass. To stop telling us how “special” we are, and challenge us to step the (bleep) up.

To STOP beating around the bush about what it takes to succeed.

Since I can’t find a single Dan Peña clip that won’t get me canceled, how about the next best thing?

Tap the PLAY button to hear Larry Winget tell you what most “self-help gurus” never have the courage to say. And what most people don’t want to hear.

Source: No Nonsense Motivational Speaker Larry Winget

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