I read something the other day.

This particular passage was about how there’s a sociopolitical tendency to want to swoop in and save the day when people are struggling.

The author wasn’t arguing against social safety nets as a whole. Rather he was bothered by the very real possibility that good intentions were undermining the agency and the will of people who could otherwise help themselves.

In other words, humans have the ability to direct their own lives. The one thing that sets the human will into motion — the will to go through the hard stuff and make our lives better — is struggle.

The author’s assertion was that it is the very experience of struggle that activates the will.

Struggle flips the switch on our innate superpower to embrace, navigate, and conquer life’s messes.

No mess, no will.

When we can count on others to step in and sweep away our struggles, human will is often undermined by inertia.

Life is messy. Everyone has mess. Having a proclivity to cut and run from the messiness of our lives only deprives us of an opportunity for growth. 

However, when we accept the perennial nature of our persistently messy lives and embrace the suck, we come out of each mess better than we were before. We turn chaos into character.

On today’s episode of the podcast, Ed Mylett kicks off the week with a powerful story about how your mess is a prelude to something remarkable.

Source: Ed Mylett – D2D Con 2020

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