It’s that time of year.

That time when we spend an entire Sunday deep-cleaning our homes, getting all up in those places that we usually skip.

You know, the corners, baseboards, vents, lamp shades, windows, blinds, the whole shebang.

Spring Cleaning, we call it.

We go through our closets. Move our winter parkas, hoodies, and long johns to the guest bed closet. Maybe even pack a few boxes for the Goodwill. Out with the old. Feels good.

But there’s this one thing almost all of us forget to deep clean. And it’s a darn shame, because it’s more important than the dust bunnies under your bed.

We forget to deep clean our relationships.

Seldom do we take a day to evaluate who’s shining light into our lives, and who’s blocking the sun; who are the ones who give and receive, and who are the ones who just take, take, take. 

As Eric Thomas asks on today’s episode, who are the people in your life who consistently show up with a to-go plate when you cook a meal?

Who never brings anything valuable to your life? Who sucks the energy out of the room? Who always comes looking for support but never wants to give any? Who talks but never listens? Who makes you feel a little yucky just because you were in their presence?

You deserve better than these people. I think it’s time to Spring Clean them out of your life.

At the very least, have a conversation with them about how you’ve been feeling about things. How you’re tired of what feels like a one-sided relationship. Express yourself. Keep it real.

If they aren’t willing to show up for you and be a full participant in the relationship, then…

Bye, Felicia.

You have to be willing to create the space for new people, better people, to come into your life. This often requires opening up a few seats that currently belong to takers.

Those empty seats won’t fill up immediately. Honestly, you’ll feel a little lonely for a bit. But with a little time and patience, you’ll find yourself sitting at the table with real friends. Ones who don’t take their food to-go or show up empty-handed. The ones you deserve to have in your life.

Source: To-Go Plate | Eric Thomas – Spiritual Development Series – Episode 1

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