What’s that thing?

You know, that thing you’ve been meaning to do.

But you still haven’t done it.

Every week, you say, this is the week I’m gonna do it. The month I’m gonna do it. The year I’m gonna do it.

But you don’t.

Sup with that?

The number one reason people don’t do what they want to do is FEAR.

Fear of failing, of succeeding, of not knowing enough, of being criticized, of embarrassing oneself, of looking stupid.

The second reason people don’t do the thing is that they feel overwhelmed by all the different tasks that need to be done. The brain simply can’t simultaneously juggle all 174 steps it’s gonna take to accomplish your goal.

So why not start with one task?

Maybe two.

For example, I’m about to start a new company. My goal is to sell the company for a vast sum of money in 5 years. Now, I could be losing sleep over how I’m going to find and hire the right people, how I’m going to get the product in stores, how I’m going to … on and on.

But no, all I’m focusing on right now is getting the LLC registered and filing the trademarks. That’s it. Two steps, not all 174. That way, the fear center in my brain won’t start sounding its alarm, because the two steps feel totally doable.

Once I complete those two tasks, I’ll feel a sense of confident momentum that’ll push me forward to take the next step or two. 

See how this works?

Like I always say, big goals are accomplished little by little. And each little action you take serves to lessen the fear that had you feeling stuck.

So, what’s one step you can take THIS WEEK to get some of that confident momentum?

For example, if you’ve been wanting to create video content for social media, sit down and script a two-minute video. Then film it with your phone. Yeah, you’re gonna stumble and bumble your way through it. But who cares? No one has to see it. Consider it practice. Congrats, you made a video!

If you’ve been wanting to quit your job, spend an hour this evening perusing the job sites. See what’s out there. 

If you’ve been wanting to get back on the dating scene, ask a friend to help you take some pics for your profile.

If you’ve been wanting to start an exercise program, walk two laps around the block during your lunch hour.

Remember, every action you take, big or small, will chip away at the fear that’s been holding you back.

Like Les Brown says on today’s episode, “action cures fear.”

It doesn’t have to be massive action; it can be any action.

Source: The Courage to Live Your Dreams

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