It all happened in 72 pages.

It was a short read, recommended by our main man Bob Proctor.

To be honest, most people would rather not read it. It would rock their boats too much. Make them just a bit uneasy. Give their egos a bad case of the “yeah, buts…”

Within those 72 pages, author J. Martin Kohe revealed what he and many others (including myself) believe to be Your Greatest Power

Your power to choose.

I learned that everything is a choice. I choose who to be. How to think. How to relate. What to give up. What I really want. How I see myself. How I see others.

And when I find myself in the midst of unavoidable adversity, I choose how I will respond.

I learned that my life is a culmination of my choices … as well as my many non-choices (which are actually choices to not choose).

For years I had chosen to be a semi-disgruntled personal trainer, until I chose to start my own health coaching business. I had chosen to be in that hellish relationship, until I chose out of it and opted for something new. I chose it all.

Yeah, but making a choice is scary. What if I make a mistake?

Yeah, but I don’t know how to create my new choice.

Yeah, I had no idea how I would start my health biz or find the new relationship. But I knew that the only way for the how to emerge was to choose the what.

Today on The Quote of The Day Show, Dr. Caroline Myss, author of Anatomy of the Spirit, discusses our rampant neglect of this great power of choice, and why it’s the most powerful thing we’ve got going for us.

You may find Dr. Myss’s full talk here.

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