We’ve talked about this before.

But this time I’m throwing down a 24-hour challenge.

Think about that thing you’ve been doing.

The one you dread.

That burdensome task that makes you forget about one of your greatest powers.

Your power to choose.

In the next 24 hours, I challenge you to choose to say no to that thing.

You can delegate it to someone else.

Or you can just say, no, I’m not doing that anymore. I’m done. It’s over.

Get it off your plate. Finally. For good.

And before you fill up your plate with some other woeful task, commit yourself to leaving that space open. Set aside a little more room for you to be you.

The challenge starts now. Go, for the no!

On today’s Throwback Thursday episode, Lady Gaga reveals how saying no can make you a happier version of yourself.

Source: Lady GaGa Speaks TRUTH at Emotion Revolution Summit 2015 (Remastered Audio Full)

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