If it’s not a cult, I don’t know what is

Sermonizing from the pulpit aren’t Jim Jones or David Koresh but fake leaders preaching the gospel of victimhood and oppression.

The media spreads the word 24/7.

And legions of followers willingly genuflect before the golden calf of mediocrity.

“You can’t live the American Dream because racism is in the very DNA of this wicked nation.”


“The odds will be forever stacked against you until we tear it all down and build it from scratch.”


“Because you … are … oppressed!”

(They speak in tongues.)

Meanwhile, the “leaders” get filthy rich charging upwards of 6-figures every time they take the stage to tell people — people who look just like them — what they can’t do and whose fault it is.

I call it Oppression Inc.

It’s a business. A lucrative one. With a massive customer base.

The goal, it seems, is to convince you and me of two things:

1. That we’re not good enough, not smart enough, not straight enough, not male enough, not white enough to make something of our lives.

2. That even if we try our hardest, the country and its oppressive DNA won’t allow us to achieve what we set out to do.

Because you and I haven’t a modicum of agency. No ability to direct our own lives. We’re just live bait wiggling in an ocean of oppression.

Sooner or later, we’ll be swallowed up whole.

So why even try?

The sad thing is, people believe this nonsense. They’re trapped in a narrative-driven matrix, perched in the pews hoping to be saved.

Newsflash: no one is coming.

There’s a reason why drug companies don’t cure anything. Because there’s no money in a cure.

In the same vein, our cult leaders would rather not see their money piles and media appearances dry up on the account of you deciding to believe in yourself and no longer believing that the world and its oppressive forces are holding you back.

This is not to say that there is no racism or oppression. (More on this next Tuesday.) However, in my opinion, the most oppressive force in the world is believing that you are incapable, that “they” won’t let you.

To believe these ideas is a choice. In other words, we get to decide whether or not we’ll drink the Kool-Aid. To stay or leave when the compound is on fire. To be a victor or a victim.

On today’s episode, Tom Bilyeu implores you to escape The Matrix, revealing how your belief system is what’s either moving you forward or holding you back.

Source: The ULTIMATE ADVICE For Every Young Person! (HOW TO SUCCEED IN LIFE) | Tom Bilyeu

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