There’s more to the story…

These past couple weeks we’ve been discussing how your ability (or inability) to cope with anxiety plays a significant role in whether or not you’ll accomplish your goals.

But that’s just one piece of a much larger puzzle.

This next piece is the centerpiece. It’s involved in every decision you make, every action you take, how well you take care of yourself.

Even how you dress. 

When I googled the statistics this morning, I discovered that 85% of people worldwide struggle with it.

I mean, how could we not?

Many of us spend hours a day comparing ourselves to perfect images of seemingly perfect people. (They’re not.)

Messages of our victimhood permeate the ether, penetrating our subconscious minds with relentless repetition.

We feel pressured to look a certain way, to think certain thoughts, to have certain things.

And all of it takes a certain toll on what many would argue to be the very nucleus of personal achievement: one’s sense of self-esteem.

Your self-esteem is how you feel about yourself. It’s your sense of worth, belongingness, confidence, and competence.

Without it, you won’t feel deserving of your aspirations. You’ll assume that you’re not smart enough, not good enough. And maybe worst of all, you won’t trust yourself. Your inner voice of intuitive wisdom no longer seems reliable.

When self-esteem is absent, your innermost desires are stained with self-doubt. You think about taking the leap but you never take it. You say you’ll put yourself out there but you never do. Even when you work up the courage to dive into the unknown, you find a way to sabotage it.

The good news is, low self-esteem is without permanence. You absolutely can raise your sense of worth so you can rock out your mission … without all the inertia and sabotage.

Take it from a guy (me) who was once handed a copy of The Self Esteem Workbook by a therapist I was seeing. When I completed the first section of the workbook’s assessment, my score was a 5 out of a possible 120!

(For kicks and giggles, I did the assessment just now while writing this. I scored a 114 on that same section. Look up The Self-Esteem Workbook by Schiraldi on Amazon and click Look Inside.)

But before you do that, your first step to greater self-esteem is to click the play button above to listen to today’s QOD with Caroline Myss , who reveals even more about the connection between self-esteem and creating the life you want.

Source: Self Esteem: Your Fundamental Power

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