It’s been 7 years.

November 12, 2015, to be exact.

That’s when I uploaded the final episode of Underground Wellness Radio and walked away from the business.

After all these years, I still get asked why I moved on.

Well, it’s multifactorial. But the main reason is this:

There are only so many ways I can encourage people to EAT REAL FOOD.

I felt like a broken record, repeating the same thing over and over and over again. Eventually, I got blue in the face.

Now that I’m 7 years into the personal development space, I catch myself having similar thoughts.

I mean, there are only so many ways I can encourage people to find someone to serve … and then SERVE THEM.

You want to feel like you’re living on purpose, like your life means something?

Go serve someone.

You want to make more money so you can move on from what feels like a dead-end, meaningless job?

Go serve someone.

You want to create relationships that have depth and real connection?

Go serve someone.

It never ceases to amaze me how so many online experts and coaches want to build a following, book consultations, and enroll clients … without actually serving a single person in advance.

I have literally sat down at my desk for days on end writing website copy for clients. They’ve shelled out good money for the website’s design and development. Eventually, the site launches. And the client never creates a single piece of content in service of others.

It’s (bleeping) mind-boggling.

It goes something like this…

Before I serve anyone, I need to launch my website.

Okay, your website is done, launched. Let’s go!

But before I serve anyone, I need to have my program ready.

Okay, your program is ready to rock. 

But before I serve anyone, I need to do a photo shoot.

Okay, photo shoot is done. You have a folder full of amazing photos to post.

But before I serve anyone, I need to hire a coach to help me lock in my messaging and content schedule.

Uhh, we did that already. Your messaging is dialed in and you have social media content ready to go for at least 30 days.

But before I serve anyone, I need to take this course.

Okay, that 12-week course you spent $2500 on is over. How about we post this content and actually help people?

But wait, there’s this book that just came out … 

THIS is why I don’t do coaching anymore. Because getting people to accept the basic universal law of giving — that when you give of yourself in service of others it has a way of coming back to you many times over — is oddly one of the most difficult tasks ever. Friggin’ monumental. Mount Everest.

Take it from me, because I’ve been doing this since 2007: When you commit yourself to freely giving of your service and expertise, with no expectation of receiving anything in return, you’ll be taken care of.

Your following will grow.

Your business will grow.

Your network will grow.

Your money will grow.

YOU will grow.

But as long as you withhold your service until everything is perfect, constantly seek the approval of others, and focus solely on what you’re getting, you’ll continue to look high and low for meaning and purpose … when all along it’s been hidden inside of your service. In your giving.

So, for the 12,597th time, go serve someone.

And yeah, eat real food.

Now click the PLAY button above to hear Dr. Wayne Dyer’s thoughts on serving others through the power of intention.

Source: The Secrets of The Power of Intention

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