Quick question for ya…

What’s the payoff?

As we wrap up this week’s discussion on commitment and resolutions, I think it’s the most important question I can ask.

So important in fact that your response can make or break your resolution(s) for the new year.

What I mean by “payoff” is the reward you’ll be paid for dropping the pounds, increasing your income, finding the relationship, starting the business, or whatever it is you wish to accomplish in 2023.

For example, the rewards for weight loss might be looking better in the mirror, fitting into those jeans, feeling more energetic, or having more confidence.

For increasing your income, it’s having more options, paying off debt, or moving to a better neighborhood.

These are the kinds of rewards that come to mind when we imagine the future and set new goals.

At the same time, there’s another set of rewards — invisible rewards — that wreak havoc on our good intentions and ultimately sabotage our dreams.

These are the rewards of failure.

Wait, what?

That’s actually a thing?

There are rewards for failing?

Yes, plenty.

The rewards for NOT sticking to your health and weight loss program may be the immediate gratification of enjoying your favorite high-calorie foods, or not having to step back from social gatherings that give you a sense of connection, or sleeping an extra hour instead of braving the cold weather to make it to the gym by 6 am.

Come to think of it, your wired-to-survive brain loves nothing more than high-calorie foods, protection and connection from your tribe, and staying warm.

That’s what you’re up against.

Know thy enemy.

The rewards for NOT starting the business might be avoiding the criticism that comes with creating and publishing content, sidestepping the uncertainty of taking a significant financial risk, or keeping the peace in your household.

Payoffs abound.

Which is exactly why up to 91% of New Year’s Resolutions fail. Because the rewards for failing are almost always bigger than the rewards for succeeding.

Like they say, when your “why” is big enough you’ll find the how. When you have a big enough reason to do something you’ll do it.

But if your reasons for succeeding don’t exceed your rewards for failing, you’ll fall back into old habits before the month is up.

On today’s QOD episode, Randy Gage encourages you to decide what you want and to find a BIG ENOUGH REASON to get it done.

What’s your big reason?

Source: Safe is The New Risky – Randy Gage

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