John Maxwell says…

“Everything worthwhile is uphill. The problem is, we have downhill habits. If you have downhill habits and you have uphill hopes, you’re in trouble.”


In other words, if you have big goals and dreams, but you have little if any self-discipline, you’re royally screwed.

And honestly, there’s nothing anyone can do for you.

You can hire the personal trainer, but if you’re not disciplined enough to show up for training, to do your cardio between sessions, to eat real food … you ain’t losing weight.

You can hire the business coach, but if you don’t have the discipline to create and publish consistent content, to study sales and marketing on your own time, to connect with your target audience … you won’t have any clients or customers.

You can talk about writing your book, but if you’re scrolling and tapping through IG posts all hours of the day, partaking in 3-hour text thread conversations, and bingeing Harry & Meghan episodes … you’ll never be a published author.

Like ever.

A couple months ago, someone reached out and asked about my favorite “ebook creation program or software.” I thought it was a weird question, because the obvious answer is Microsoft Word or Apple Pages.

But no, turns out he wanted to know which software actually writes the book for you.

Umm, that’s … not a thing.

Back in the day, when I wrote my fat loss ebook (which you can grab for free here), I sat my ass down every single day for months and … well, wrote it.

With my fingers and stuff.

Because books don’t write themselves.

Love handles don’t lose themselves.

Businesses don’t grow and scale themselves.

PEOPLE do these things, they make them happen, by being self-disciplined and by being willing to walk uphill toward their worthwhile goals every single day, without checking their phones every 4 minutes.

If you have uphill goals but downhill habits, today’s QOD clip will light a fire under you. It’s one of my favorite clips of the year. John Maxwell discusses why your greatest leadership challenge can often be leading yourself, having the self-discipline and the uphill habits that stop you from coasting and keep you climbing toward where you want to go.

John Maxwell continues our leadership series. Today he shares how self-discipline is the key to having continued success in your life. Keep climbing, no coasting.


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