My feet were killing me.

Probably because I was on them for 8-10 hours a day. Counting reps. Racking dumbbells. Putting on my high energy personal trainer act.

The money was decent, but just enough to get by on. And since raising my rate scared the bejesus out of me, the only way to make more money was to work more hours.

I’d been adhering to an income earning strategy followed by 96% of the population. Really, it was the only strategy I knew. I was trading time for dollars.Problem was, I was out of time.

Shortly after smacking head-first into the iron income ceiling, I attended a tele-conference hosted by my old boss and fitness legend, Todd Durkin.

Todd’s guest was a woman who called herself The Fitness Jeanie, a personal trainer and mom who had hit her own iron ceiling but decided to do something about it.To create more income (and get her time back) Jeanie sold fitness programs online.

Interesting, I thought. I mean, why limit yourself to working one-on-one when you can help hundreds, if not thousands, of people at the same time? Without having to physically be there. And without the limitation of a finite number of hours in a workday.

Ummm, lightbulb moment!

I didn’t really need more hours in the day. I didn’t even need more clients. What I needed was a new income strategy that eliminated the constraints of time while providing services and solutions WITHOUT my physical presence.

When you embrace this strategy, you come to find out that you don’t need to be somewhere to sell an online summit to 10,000 people, or to earn an affiliate commission on someone else’s product, or to offer a health food bar through a website.

When you change the way you look at your options for earning income, everything changes.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s work involved. Plenty of it. But with a change in strategy, the iron ceiling is obliterated and time loses its limits.

Plus, no sore feet. 🙂

On today’s Finance Friday episode of The Quote of The Day Show, our main man Dr. John Demartini riffs on this topic, including his thoughts on how much you value money, why there’s no limit on your ability to earn it, and the real reason Bill Gates is a billionaire.

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