It’s what you’re supposed to do.

They say…

Get a good job. Work hard. Save your money. Get out of debt. Invest for the long-term. Diversify.

You know, standard financial advice.

I don’t know about you, but when I take a moment to ponder the financial state of the average American, this advice doesn’t seem to be working.

Just me?

Since I sold my house last month, I’ve been blowing through finance books. Mostly books by Robert Kiyosaki.

What I’ve learned so far has been nothing short of mind-blowing.

I’ve learned that there’s a whole different set of rules that rich people play by. Perfectly legal rules. Rules that we never learned in school. Rules that our financial advisors don’t tell us about. Rules that our parents didn’t know and couldn’t teach us.

The rich play a different game. I’m actually a bit hesitant to reveal what I’ve learned, because most people’s brains will instantly reject it.

But, let’s do it anyway…

For example, if you know what you’re doing, you can invest in the stock market while minimizing risk of losing your money, even if the market crashes. In fact, you can actually make money off of stocks without actually owning the stocks.

You can buy investment properties without having the money. In some cases, the government will finance over 100% of the deal. And the money you make from these endeavors is taxed LESS than the paycheck or salary from your j-o-b, if it’s taxed at all.

And don’t get me started on all the fees that are coming out of your mutual fund, sucking money out of your retirement.

The thing is, you don’t have to be rich to get into this game. You just have to do what I’ve been doing over these past six weeks. You have to sit down and learn it.

 And then apply it.

It’s by playing this game that people who weren’t rich before actually got rich. It’s how they retire young and have the time to do the things they love to do.

Instead of working for money, they make money work for them.

 They learned how to play a game that went against the standard financial advice we’ve tried our darnedest to follow for much of our lives.

The advice that obviously isn’t working.

On today’s episode of the podcast, Robert Kiyosaki reveals why standard financial advice is really BAD advice … if you want to be rich.

If you want to barely get by, the standard advice will do.

Source: The Ultimate Rich Dad Library

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