A flea can jump 8 inches high.

That’s a whopping 150 TIMES its own height.

Equivalent to a 6 foot tall human jumping over a 480 foot tall building.

Crazy, huh?

If you put a flea into a 4-inch jar and close the lid (with holes poked in it for air, of course) the flea will jump and hit the top, over and over again.

Eventually, the flea will learn to not jump as high. Its inherent gift to soar through the air ultimately succumbs to external forces.

You could take the lid off and the flea won’t jump out.

In that way, fleas aren’t much different from us.

We come into this world with so many gifts, talents, and abilities, but we allow the beliefs, ideas, and opinions of others to put a lid on us. 

It’s time to take the lid off.

In fact, the lid is already off. It’s been off for a long time now.

Time to jump out of the jar so you can soar toward your goals and dreams.

But how?

On today’s episode of The QOD Show, our pal Zig Ziglar will show you how.

Source: GOALS with Zig Ziglar (1986)

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