We all have a past.

There are versions of ourselves that we’re not so proud of. Words and actions that we wish we could take back.

But what’s done is done. It’s over now.

We can look back on our past with a disdainful sense of shame, or we can choose to reappraise it and see how it’s made us better humans.

I think one of the keys to life is to be grateful for whatever occurs. I know, it sounds a little woo-woo and potentially triggering…

But to me life gets easier when we acknowledge that there are positives in the negatives and negatives in the positives. That the more hideous versions of ourselves that we may have been before each contained a golden nugget that serves us in our present and future.

We just have to look for it.

On today’s episode of The QOD Show, Steve Harvey shares how things he’s done in his past — the things he even calls “evil” — have been integral parts of the good he’s doing today.

Source: Steve Harvey Motivational Talk on Stress YouTube

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