There’s this TV show I used to watch when I was in college.

It was called the E! True Hollywood Story.

It was (actually still is) a docuseries that meticulously detailed the lives of highly successful people — mostly entertainers and athletes.

By the end of each episode, I would be blown away by all of the ups and downs these individuals had been through along their journeys.

I would be like, “Damn, they went through THAT?”

It taught me that success isn’t something that just happens; it’s something you have to fight for.

It’s one thing to talk about what we want to do.

Actually doing it is something else altogether.

Taking action is scary. The obstacles can feel overwhelming. The support can be lacking. The path can be lonely.

But if you’re willing to fight for what you want, no obstacle is insurmountable. No goal is too big.

Today on QOD, Kim Hui shares her own “Hollywood story” about how she had to fight her way to the top of her company.

Instead of just talking about what she wanted, she did the hard things.

She fought for it. And she won.

Source: The Reality of Building Your Dreams!!! – Kim Hui

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