There’s a lot to be worried about these days.

Two out of three Americans are living check to check, as inflation soars to a 40-year high.

Gas prices are skyrocketing.

And so are the crime statistics in many of our major cities. People just don’t feel safe anymore. Due in part to people who live in low-crime suburban areas who thought it was a good idea to defund the police in high-crime neighborhoods. Well, that was just brilliant …

And don’t get me started on this baby formula thing. 

How could you not be worried?

And if you are worried, is there anything you can do to turn it down so you can feel a little less stressed?

There is.

On today’s QOD episode, Brian Tracy walks you through his 4-step “Worry Buster” technique that’ll take the edge off of your worries and keep you moving forward despite these challenging times.

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