I think most of us can agree on this …

Diversity is a good thing.

When individuals of different backgrounds are involved and included in a group, organization, or workplace amazing things can happen.

Society at large appears to be on board with diversity.

Diversity of gender.

Diversity of race and ethnicity.

Diversity of culture.

However, there’s this one kind of diversity that A LOT of people (even those who very loudly advocate for diversity) apparently give no f**ks about …

Diversity of thought.

Lest you be the autonomous individual who dares to think for oneself, who has the gall to declare him- or herself a non-participant in the widespread groupthink infecting our society.

How dare you?!

In 2022, conversation has become a lost art replaced by our own little echo chambers where the only welcome ideas are the ones that confirm our own.

Our “safe spaces” have no room for respectful disagreement. There can be no other side to any story. No way we can still be friends if our thoughts don’t appear to be an exact likeness.

But, umm … diversity!

Sounds like hypocrisy to me. If we’re gonna cheer on diversity, I think it’s about time we embrace the fact that just as there is a multiplicity of backgrounds, ethnicities, and orientations in our society, we are also a mixed bag of diverse thoughts, ideas, and opinions.

It’s time for us to start choosing conversation over cancellation. Though, in my experience, many of us have forgotten what a conversation actually is.

We don’t listen, we interrupt. Instead of embracing the opportunity to learn something new and to understand a different perspective, we stockpile fodder for public shaming and condemnation.

That ain’t diversity. That’s groupthink. And it’s weird.

Stop doing it.

On today’s episode of The QOD Show, Celeste Headlee reminds us of what a conversation really is, as she shares her 10 Best Tips for Having More Authentic Conversations.

Plus, I go on a bit of a rant about why I’ve given up on dating. 🙂

Source: How to Have a Good Conversation | Celeste Headlee | TEDxCreativeCoast

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