There’s this sushi place.

It was within walking distance, so I would go there all the time. For 25 bucks I could eat like royalty.

I was a regular.

The only downside was that they didn’t take reservations. But the crunchy shrimp tempura rolls were worth the 45-minute wait.

But then something happened …

One day I decided to get fancy with it. I booked a reservation at one of the finer sushi restaurants in San Diego.

Right away, my affection for my regular sushi joint was injured beyond repair.

This fancy place had napkins made of cloth, not 1-ply paper. Real wasabi was available upon request. (Who knew there was a such thing as REAL wasabi? Mind blown.) And what I had thought was sushi — thick rolls loaded with rice — wasn’t even really sushi.

THIS was sushi.

I never went back to my old stomping grounds. I had seen and experienced the other side. I’d tasted it. And I liked it.

I really liked it … even if it was three times the price.

This may have been the first time that I really understood that there was another level of life. That you can be content with a regular life, or you can choose to upgrade. And that once you experience the upgrades that life has to offer, you never want to go back to regular.

You want to taste the fish, not the rice. 

Once you get a taste of that life, your mind becomes conditioned to work harder so you can experience it again.

And again.

And again.

This is why I encourage my students to tour open houses in wealthy neighborhoods, to try on expensive clothes and feel the difference, to splurge for once and upgrade that flight to first class.

To get a first-hand peek into what life has to offer. How things could be. If you choose to pay the price.

Today on The QOD Show, Steve Harvey is back (finally!) to talk about the price that must be paid if you want to live an extraordinary life. 

Source: Condition Your Mind | Motivated With Steve Harvey

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