You are here.

But your goal is there. All the way over there yonder.

And in between your current desire (or maybe despair) and your future destination is what’s called The Gap.

Your brain doesn’t like The Gap.

Not one bit.

Because, well, The Gap is scary. It’s full of downs and ups, losses and wins, tribulations and triumphs. Lots of unknowns to wrestle with and master.

The territory is unfamiliar. While many others before you have minded The Gap and made it across, their map is not your map. While mentors and coaches can assist you in avoiding some setbacks and with navigating unforeseeable obstacles, they can’t do it for you.

You’re on your own.

And no journey across The Gap comes without a price. In this case, the form of payment is called the switch-cost.

You see, your brain has been running a series of highly efficient patterns for years, maybe decades. Repeating the same thoughts, feelings, actions, and tasks. On autopilot. 

Now you want something new. Solid intentions which will require you to perform new tasks so you can arrive at a better destination.

But your brain is like, nope.

At the core of switch-cost is what’s called “backward inhibition.” In other words, to perform a new task, you have to inhibit the old one.

And that sh*t ain’t cheap. Your brain will not perform a new task unless you pay the price. Thus the term switch-cost.

What’s the price?

Well, there are several key forms of payment that your brain’s deal-maker is willing to work with. It especially enjoys making trades. One of the key trades that you’re going to have to make with your brain (as well as yourself) is to give up your wisdom in exchange for ignorance.

Wait, what?

Who would want to give up their wisdom for ignorance?

You do, my friend. Because The Gap is a place where the knowledge and skills you currently cling to are no longer valid. They may have gotten you here, but they won’t get you there.

You have to be willing to pay the price of no longer being the smartest person in the room. No longer the person who always knows what to do and how to do it. No longer the person who can’t find time to read and learn new things. You have to be willing to be comfortable with being absolutely clueless.

If not, you’re done. Where you are is where you’ll stay. Full of intention without action. Rich in habits. Poor in progress.

It costs to be the boss.

I’ll be covering more of these costs at our upcoming 3-day online event later this month. Registration opens this Thursday.

For now, tap a link below to hear Tom Bilyeu reveal the price he paid to cross The Gap, going from being “broke and lazy” to becoming a 9-figure multimillionaire. This one is VERY important. Don’t miss it!

Source: How to Reach The Top With No Previous Experience | Tom Bilyeu Keynote

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