This isn’t for every man.

Just a lot of us.

Many of us are struggling these days. Struggling with what it means to be a man in 2021. Not sure if we should still open doors, pull out chairs, or pay the full tab.

They say chivalry is no longer PC.

Masculinity is toxic.

It’s all so confusing.

Where there is little or no clarity, performance is certain to suffer. And many of us are failing to carry out even our most basic duties as men.

We’re not taking care of our kids. We’re forty years old and still hanging out at the club. Garbage credit scores. No goals or ambition. Becoming burdens to our women.

We major in NFL and minor in The Shade Room. Meanwhile, we say we don’t have time to read books, develop skills, or spend quality time with those children.

Grown men doing kid sh*t.

Allergic to adulting.

This has to stop. Men need to get back to being men again.

And I’m not talking about being alpha or misogynistic. No. I’m talking about rediscovering “ways of being” that make us show up differently in the world — like being responsible, self-aware, bold, respectable, purposeful.

As a man who grew up mostly without a father, I know how easy it can be to fall off of our paths without having a male figure in our lives to set us straight. To tell us the truth. Even when it stings a bit.

Today on the podcast, Eric Thomas gives us the “talking-to” that many of us need to hear, so we can take a good look at ourselves and reflect on who it is we’re being and who we can become.

Source: Eric Thomas | Get To Work (Motivational)

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