Turkey Day tomorrow.

Tis the season to pack on the ell bees (or kay gees, for you metric system folk) — one extra plate, one slice of pie, and one gingerbread cookie at a time.

Those calories add up. It’s what they do.

Now I don’t mean to pour water all over your yule log, but if you want to sidestep holiday weight gain you’re gonna need two things: intentions and a plan.

In the self-help/spirituality space, there’s a lot of talk about the power of intention.

That’s because your intentions are powerful. In fact, there’s a hub in your brain called the intention center. When you give this hub what it needs, it’ll work with you to move you toward your goal.

Specifically, your brain needs two kinds of intentions — goal intentions and implementation intentions.

A goal intention is broad and general. In this context, it’s your intention to maintain your current bodyweight over these next 5 weeks.

While your brain appreciates the general direction it’s been given, it needs more to work with. And that’s where implementation intentions come in.

An implementation intention goes something like this…

– I will eat one plate of Thanksgiving dinner, mostly protein and healthy fats along with small servings of high-carb foods.

– I will take a 30-minute walk first thing in the morning before the craziness and stress kick in. Walks help me manage my stress.

- I will have one slice of pumpkin pie.

Essentially, you’re feeding your brain a plan — clear guidelines for how you’ll be carrying out your weight maintenance mission.

Notice that the implementation intentions are stated in the positive. This is actually strategic and incredibly important. Because when you’re under stress, your brain can’t process a negative.

You know what this is like. You get dressed up all fancy for a shindig. Before you walk out the door, the pitcher of Kool-Aid in the fridge is calling your name. You pour yourself a glass and tell yourself to NOT spill any Sharkleberry Fin on your white top.

What happens next?

Drip, drip.

All of a sudden you’ve got a hole in your lip.

So if you’re stressed out about talking communism with Uncle Che, make darn sure your implementation intentions are stated in the positive. If not, the turkey won’t be the only thing that’s stuffed.

Use these tips to make healthy choices throughout the holiday season and beyond. And be sure to tune in to today’s QOD episode with Darren HardySource: Secrets to Success by Darren Hardy | You won’t learn this in ANY school

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