We’ve all heard stories like this before …

A woman really wants to work for a company. But when she inquires about job openings, there are none. So instead of waiting for something to open up, she shows up at headquarters every morning to ask if there’s anything she can help with.

Eventually they give her a job.

Because she went the extra mile. Instead of waiting for life to happen to her, she got creative, acted boldly, and made life happen.

When was the last time you took that kind of bold, audacious action?

Is your resumé collecting dust in someone’s bloated “job prospects” folder because you decided not to do something to make yourself stand out?

Do the people you want to help not know who you are because you haven’t been brazen enough to get their attention?

Today on the podcast, Jake Ducey reveals the bold (and rather shameless) strategy Dr. Wayne Dyer used to position himself as a best-selling author and sought-after speaker.

He didn’t just wait for people to buy his book.

He went the extra mile.

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