I woke up at 4:30 this morning.

Meditated for 20 minutes. Gulped down a cup of golden pumpkin oatmeal. And was at the gym a few minutes before 5:30.

I still haven’t looked at my email. Nor my Facebook or my Instagram. If you text me, I’ll probably ignore you until lunchtime.

Because the world can be a real burglar, if you let it.

Funny thing is, we’re the ones who open up the door for this thief, invite it to come on in, and take it right to the most expensive thing we have: our time.

Yes, the most expensive thing any of us can spend (or give away) is our time.

You can buy a luxury vehicle, get buyer’s remorse a day or two later, and take it back to the dealer. But there are no refunds or returns for your time. Once you spend it, you’re never getting it back.

However, instead of prioritizing what’s important and making the main things the main things, we choose to spend a full quarter of our days returning emails that should have never been sent to us in the first place.

For real, some people act like there’s no such thing as The Google. 

If you send me a Google-able email, I will not respond. I’ll just mutter “seriously?,” call you an a-hole, and put it in the trash where it belongs.

I ain’t got time for burglars in my inbox.

I ain’t got time for TikTok while my life is ticktocking away and I got books to read and people to help. 

I ain’t got time for low-budget, streaming movies that can’t crack 60% on the Tomatometer.

Thieves. All of them, thieves!

If you always seem to find yourself getting to the end of your day talking about how you didn’t get done what you wanted to get done — that workout, that project, that quality time with your family — ask yourself who or what you’re allowing to steal your most valuable thing.

In what kind of thievery are you a co-conspirator?

When thieves come knocking, act like me when the solar people show up at my door wanting to talk about my electric bill. Nope. Bye, Felicia. Back to work. Takes 5 seconds. (I already have solar.)

Make a commitment to your priorities, and protect your time like it’s your most prized possession.

Because it is.

On today’s episode, Mel Robbins, author of The High 5 Habit: Take Control of Your Life with One Simple Habit, reveals her best tips for taking control of your day so you can be the most effective version of yourself in business, relationships, and life.

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