No, not that kind.

I’m talking about the ones at the bottom of the bucket.

The ones who think they know what’s best for you; who are always telling you how your ideas won’t work; who don’t want you to believe that if you work hard and dream big, you can win.

Those crabs.

Just when you’re almost out of the bucket and on your way to freedom, they pull you back in. Stay put, they say. It’s dangerous out there. You might get hurt.

How many of these toxic crustaceans are members of your inner circle?

Isn’t it time for you to leave them behind?

On today’s episode of the podcast, Bedros Keuilian, author of Man Up: How to Cut the Bullsh!t and Kick @ss in Business (and in Life) is back to encourage you to keep your circle small, to escape the bucket and find a new tribe.

Source: The Secret to Happiness and Success..? Relationships

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