Hey champ,

That’s right, I called you champ.

I mean, why not?

Believe it or not, that’s who you are.

The champ.

Underneath the layers of fear, doubt, and “what will they think of me” is an undisputed world champion. With a shiny gold belt fastened around your waist. Arms lifted overhead. Bouncing on your tippy toes.

The champ is here!

The champ is in there. Ready to be set free.

But the freedom your champion seeks is on the other side of thee most formidable opponent of them all: fear.

Like Lisa Nichols says on today’s episode, “It’s not your fear you’re gonna die. It’s your greatest fear that you’re gonna die before the world sees who you really are. Before you set your champion free.”

Will the world ever meet your champion?

Will you ever meet the real you?

Click the PLAY below to hear today’s QOD with Lisa Nichols.

Source: Doing Good and Living Epic | Lisa Nichols

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