Ten and a half weeks to go.

In the blink of an eye, the year 2021 has come and almost gone.

As we approach the holiday season, most of us will pack it in, slow things down, and coast into the new year.

But there’s no rule that says you have to reduce your speed as a year comes to a close. In fact, this the best time for acceleration, to build your momentum and head into 2022 with the wind at your back.

It’s your opportunity to get a lot done in a short period of time. Your chance to challenge yourself to discover the outer limits of your productivity.

Think of it this way …

Ten and a half weeks is 74 days. If you commit to working on your dream for just two hours a day, that’s 150 hours of momentum carrying you toward your goal.

Where could you be after 150, 200, 250 hours of momentum?

There’s only one way to find out.

Most will choose to wait until the first day of January to get started. They’ll sit idly by and wait for their “blank slates.”

Honestly, that’s what losers do.

Why go into 2022 with a blank slate, when you could have arrived on the scene with a messy canvas full of challenges, lessons, wins, and momentum?

Momentum wins championships.

Blank slate people never win anything. Inertia is a fierce competitor. An object at rest stays at rest. So they live the same year many times over, not motivated by an intrinsic desire to discover their potential but by a date on a calendar. Losers gonna lose. Physics.

Winners get into motion and stay in motion. We don’t wait to create based on calendar dates. There’s no such thing as coasting to victory. It’s momentum that gets us over the finish line.

What can you do today to start building up your momentum?

Can you commit one or two hours to your dream, every day this week?

Are you curious to find out how much you can get done in 74 days?

How many wins could you get?

How much could you learn?

Who could you become?

Or will you wait until January 1st like the rest of the losers?

(Just keeping real.)

Today on the podcast, Ed Mylett drops KNOWLEDGE on this topic.


Source: The Reason Behind Recruiting

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