Here’s a little-known secret about goals …

When you set a goal, you have this image in your head of how things are going to look and feel once you accomplish it.

You might expect fireworks, sunshine, rainbows, or everlasting happiness.

But the truth is, it’s nothing like that.

Not a single firecracker cracks. The sun still sets before the darkness. Rainbows after it rains. And the joy of accomplishment fades faster than you’d ever imagined.

In fact, achieving your goal can often feel like a letdown. Just as you cross the finish line, you win the race while simultaneously losing your purpose.

As you raise your arms overhead in victory, you and your onlookers are wondering what’s next. Because if you can do this, then you can certainly do that too.

Whatever that is.

At no point did you imagine that such an impressive feat would spark off this kind of inner and outer pressure, or a desire to do more.

And at some point you realize that goals aren’t really about getting the thing; they’re about revealing more of who you are. They’re a self-appointed opportunity to become more.

Today on the podcast, Jim Rohn shares the reason WHY you should set big goals. Not for WHAT you will get, but for WHO you will become.

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Source: 2021 SUNDAY SEMINAR: Jim Rohn (PART 4)

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